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The SMSNA supports the collection of data by vetting and approving survey instruments on a variety of topics related to Sexual Medicine. Surveys are vetted by the Educational Projects Committee, which uses the criteria established by the Journal of Sexual Medicine for evaluating the content and the instrument itself.

Active Surveys: 

Peyronie's Disease Treatment Survey
PD has serious implications on the overall wellbeing of men and their relationships. Feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and humiliation can compound into thoughts of poor self-efficacy and a decreased quality of life. Researchers at the University of British Columbia invite North American Urologists to participate in this survey to better understand their treatment habits with regards to PD – specifically, their PD assessment approach and use of Xiaflex and adjunctive therapies for treating PD.
The results of this survey will help better understand the treatment habits among PD experts and inform the need to conform practice or develop guidelines for therapy moving forward. Further, it will help to elucidate and report on the variability among urologist practices when it comes to treating PD with Xiaflex.

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Submission dates: Now – November 8, 2020


Use of Telemedicine by Men's Sexual Health and Infertility Providers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
While the current crisis has affected every medical specialty in countless ways, specific and unique challenges exist for men's sexual health and infertility providers. This survey aims to identify the specific challenges providers have faced in caring for patients and the use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctor's, RN's, PA's, CNP's are encouraged to take this short 5-minute survey.

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Submission dates: October 19 – December 18, 2020


SMSNA Survey Dissemination:

The option to disseminate a survey is a benefit of SMSNA Membership. If you are a member of SMSNA, below are the guidelines for initiating a request and the process in which a survey is vetted and approved. This process is meant to facilitate fair and objective handling of all requests. Please allow up to 2-weeks for consideration.

If you are a nonprofit or an industry representative and want to disseminate a survey, please contact the SMSNA executive office:

Process: Any proposed survey to be disseminated to the SMSNA membership, including those surveys developed by Committees on behalf of the SMSNA, will require the following:

  • Submission of a request 
  • Review and approval decision by the Educational Projects Committee
  • If the committee suggests revisions, these will need to be addressed prior to dissemination
  • If survey dissemination time frame exceeds 3-months, full Board approval would be required
  • Acknowledgement that the results of a survey may not be recognized as a response on behalf of the Association on any specific topic


  • Active surveys will be listed on a dedicated web-page on along with a link, description, target population to take the survey, and collection dates.
  • The availability of a survey will be promoted via emailings and on social media (two times each) for a maximum period of 3-months. Access to the survey is a link to the web-page on Surveys are not circulated via a dedicated e-mail.


  • If you are a member of SMSNA there is no cost.

Request to Disseminate Survey

The 2016 Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Program competition is open! At least 27 awards are available for the 2016 competition, a record high and the leading funding opportunity available through the Urology Care Foundation. Of particular note is an award that is available in sexual medicine research. This award is the inaugural award sponsored through the new Urology Care Foundation/Sexual Medicine Society of North America Research Scholar Endowment Fund which was made possible thanks to the efforts and support of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and the AUA! The awardee must be a member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.

Funding is available for research training in all urologic disease areas and across all research types: basic, translational, clinical, and health services/outcomes. Some awards focus on the following specific research areas:

Interstitial Cystitis | Endourology | Pediatric Urology | Sexual Medicine | Urologic Oncology

The 2016 competition will also include awards sponsored by some of the 15 new endowments that have been established over the past two years. We thank the AUA and these organizations for their support of the 2016 competition!

AUA Northeastern Section | AUA South Central | AUA Southeastern Section | AUA Western Section
Chesapeake Urology Associates | Endourological Society | Indian American Urological Association – Sakti Das, MD
Sexual Medicine Society of North America | Society of Pediatric Urology – Sushil Lacy, MD | Society of Urologic Oncology

Research Scholar Awards are granted based on the objective evaluation of all aspects of eligibility criteria, scientific review, and the financial portfolio available at the time the grants are finalized by the Urology Care Foundation. The Urology Care Foundation reserves the right for final approval for any/all awards provided through the program.

Research Scholar Program information and the application portal are available online. The application deadline is September 9, 2015. A letter of intent is strongly encouraged, but not required, and is due on August 12, 2015. Please direct any questions to


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