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Fellowship Testimonials

Thomas A. Masterson, MD
Fellow: 2019-2020 at the University of Miami
Specialty: Sexual and Reproductive Urology

The fellowships through the SMSNA are a fantastic way to lean, thought hands on training, the practice of sexual medicine. My fellowship provided me with unique opportunities to hone my skills in the operating room, the clinic and in research. Throughout my fellowship, I worked with, and learned from the current and future leaders in sexual medicine. Overall, fellowship was an invaluable experience that ultimately allowed me to obtain a faculty position in academic medicine, where I will continue to treat sexual dysfunction. I highly recommend the SMSNA fellowship programs!

headshot heloSevann Helo, MD
Fellowship timeline: Southern Illinois University and Mayo Clinic 2017-2018
Specialty: Male infertility and Sexual Medicine

I would highly recommend the SMSNA Fellowship Program because it gives applicants access to leaders in the field of andrology, male infertility, and sexual medicine. I’m so glad that I completed an SMSNA fellowship, because it’s opened up so many doors in my career. The interview process was a great networking opportunity to meet a lot of talented people who I still see at meetings and keep in touch with. I had an incredible fellowship year and the experience I gained exceeded my expectations.

Robert L. Segal
Sexual Medicine Fellow from 7/1/2011 - 6/30/2013
John Hopkins Medical Institutions

I think that a Fellow who opts to train at any of the SMSNA-endorsed Fellowships will receive excellent training and will certainly be a sexual medicine expert at the conclusion of their Fellowship. A candidate must make his decision about where to train based on where they feel that their objectives for training can be best met, so that they can establish the career of their choosing. Read more...

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