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Welcome Message President

Greetings to all! As President of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, I am most pleased to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the 19th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of our Society. This meeting gains prominence with every passing year with its particular objective to advance the scientific knowledge and practice of sexual medicine in all areas of male and female sexual health. This fall’s meeting continues this unwavering mission. Our scientific program chair, Dr. Mohit Khera, working collaboratively with the society’s chairperson of the basic science committee, Dr. Michael DiSanto, has assembled an outstanding program of master lecturers, panels, point-counterpoint debates, video sessions, and poster sessions that provide a wealth of information in diverse topical areas encompassing exciting and timely advances in our field. The program will be of interest to specialists in all disciplines of sexual medicine whether you are a physician, mental health clinician, scientific researcher, non-physician practitioner, or health professional of any kind.

The academic program will be complemented by a superb social program, thanks to the local arrangements chairman, Drs. Wayne Hellstrom, Trinity Bivalcqua, and Eric LaBorde. They have planned several festive events that will delight you as one would expect from a visit to New Orleans, with its abundant culture, cuisine, and history. Expect great food, lively music, and fun, and I understand that there will be a party experience on Friday night not to be missed.

The meeting officially begins on Thursday, with an all-day non-physician symposium. In the afternoon, the traditional opening academic session of basic scientific presentations will commence highlighted by an expert panel forum on the evidentiary scientific link between erectile dysfunction and the cardiometabolic syndrome, which reprises a “White Paper” communique’ of this topic. On Thursday evening, a welcome reception will be held during which new and old friends can greet and re-acquaint. On Friday and Saturday, the academic program will continue with both clinical and basic scientific sessions. Program highlights include presentations on sexual function and cancer survivorship, androgen therapeutics, vasectomy guidelines, post-finasteride syndrome future research agenda, sexual education, and the “President’s Address” on advances in priapism management with a special presentation involving a patient. Additional programming encompasses presentations on areas of epidemiology of sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, hypogonadism, ejaculatory dysfunction, pelvic pain, and female sexual health. All aspects of basic scientific discovery, sexual performance counseling, pharmacotherapy as well as surgical techniques will be amply discussed. On Sunday, we will host a traditional cadaveric laboratory course for urology resident trainees with gratitude extended to AMS and Coloplast for their consistently strong support of this endeavor.

The society has gained a rich tradition of inclusiveness, scholarship, and camaraderie that is well displayed with its every year’s scientific meetings. This year’s fall meeting is no exception. I welcome all to attend and participate to promote discovery, share knowledge, and advance the field of sexual medicine in its mission of scientific achievement and clinical excellence in service to our patients. Thank you for your energy and commitment towards making our society special and the premier organization in North America devoted to preserving the sexual health of men and women.

Arthur L. Burnett, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.
The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
President of Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Welcome Message Local Arrangements Committee

The upcoming 2013 SMSNA Fall meeting will highlight 19 years of continuing education in sexual medicine. Besides advancing the field, we make a point of sharing a good time with current and future friends and colleagues. What better place to celebrate than in New Orleans! In addition to a superb scientific program crafted by Dr. Mohit Khera, the local arrangements committee would like to showcase the rising of post-Katrina-New Orleans; namely its musical heritage, culinary uniqueness, and overall joie de vie.

Each of the four evenings entertainment agenda will center on music, food, and other festivities: Dewey Sampson and his Jazz trio on Wednesday night, Jen Howard and her eclectic brand of music during the welcoming ceremonies on Thursday night; a surprise event through the streets of the French Quarter and a local party experience on Bourbon Street on Friday night (don’t be late!); and our annual banquet on Saturday evening will highlight world-famous Deacon John and his amazing ensemble. You won’t be able to sit down!

Come enjoy the food, music, libations, and hospitality that New Orleans has to offer at the 2013 SMSNA’s Fall Meeting.

Nota bene: don’t consume, more than two Hurricanes from Pat O’Brien’s in a single evening. You’ll pay for it dearly…you have been warned!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Your local arrangements committee,

Wayne JG Hellstrom Eric Laborde Trinity J Bivalacqua

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