Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

15th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA

November 20 - 23, 2014
Eden Roc Miami Beach, Miami, FL

Formerly known as: 20th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA

Welcome Messages

Message of President 2014-2016

Lawrence S. Hakim, MD, FACS - Chairman, Department of Urology Cleveland Clinic Florida

Greetings to all! As President of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, I am delighted to extend to you a warm invitation to attend the 20th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of our Society. This meeting continues to gain prominence with every passing year with its defined objective to advance the scientific knowledge and practice of sexual medicine in all areas of male and female sexual health.

This fall’s meeting continues this unwavering mission. Our scientific program chair, Dr. Tobias Köhler, working collaboratively with the Scientific Program Committee, has assembled an outstanding program of master lecturers, panels, point- counterpoint debates, and poster sessions that provide a wealth of information in diverse topical areas encompassing exciting and timely advances in our field. The program will be of interest to specialists in all disciplines of sexual medicine whether you are a physician, mental health clinician, scientific researcher, non-physician practitioner, or health professional of any kind.

An outstanding social program has been assembled that incorporates several festive events that will delight you, as one would expect from a visit to Miami, with its abundant culture, cuisine, and history. This includes “Fun in the Sun”, with plenty of exciting activities for the entire family on our beautiful white sand beaches at the wonderful Eden Roc Resort, and many other highlights that South Florida has to offer. In addition, there are several optional ‘family friendly’ activities, as well as tours of famous sites in and around the area. The Welcome Reception on Thursday evening will feature cocktails and hors d’oeuvres specially prepared by the master chefs at the Eden Roc Hotel. Our traditional “Taste of Miami” on Friday evening, showcasing our local culture and cuisine, will be an event not to be missed! (Those of you who attended our last “Taste of Miami” know what I mean!).

The success of our meeting could not be experienced if it were not for the significant time commitment and efforts of Tessa Benitez, Vivian Gies and David Casalod, from our outstanding Management Group, Status Plus. I also want to recognize and thank my wife, Lisa, for all of her time and input in helping us to assemble a world-class event. The society has gained a rich tradition of inclusiveness, scholarship, and camaraderie that is well displayed with its every year’s scientific meetings. This year’s fall meeting is no exception. I welcome all to attend and participate to promote discovery, share knowledge, and advance the field of sexual medicine in its mission of scientific achievement and clinical excellence in service to our patients. Thank you for your energy and commitment towards making our Society special and the premier organization in North America devoted to preserving the sexual health of men and women.

We look forward to seeing you in Miami, November 20 – 23, 2014.

Lawrence S. Hakim, MD, FACS
Chairman, Department of Urology
Cleveland Clinic Florida

Message of the Scientific Chairman

Tobias S. Köhler, MD, MPH, FACS - Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

We are excited to have you join us in Miami for the 20th annual SMSNA program! The number of high quality abstracts submitted and the numbers of represented countries continues to grow each year.

Based on feedback from last year’s highly regarded meeting, we hope to build upon the excellent momentum the SMSNA has established. This year our panel hopes to further integrate basic and clinical science for each topic, mixing in some of the best submitted abstracts for podium presentations into the main session. Also, based on the work of the awards committee, 5 clinical and 5 basic science prizes will be awarded – please see the website for further details. We hope to capture a wide breadth of topics of interest to surgeons, psychologists, basic scientists, advanced practice providers, educators, and residents.

Listed below are a sampling some of the featured sessions and some of the questions we hope to address – some of the most dynamic, provocative and experience speakers have already committed to our program:

Psychological approaches to Sexual Dysfunction: What general psychological approaches and strategies can we use to augment medical and surgical treatments? Which psychiatric drugs does a sexual medicine provider need to watch out for and how can we use them to our advantage?

Lifestyle changes and Sexual Medicine: What are the true effects on diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes on ED, low T, and prostate disorders? What are the biochemical and physiological bases for improvement in body composition and sexual function with lifestyle change?

Penile implant Session – the worst 3 cases of my career: A panel of 4 experienced implanters with > 20000 implants amongst them will describe their worst cases and what they would have done differently. Also in this session we will feature controversial point counterpoint discussions on cylinder sizing, use of malleables only for washout, routine ectopic reservoir placement and drain and retain strategies.

Reconstructive & Peyronie’s Session – the worst 3 cases of my career: Again, the foremost authorities in reconstruction with a wealth of experience describe their most challenging cases, and thereby hopefully have you avoid them in the future. Also in this session we will feature point counterpoint talks on simultaneous ipp/male continence placement, complex continence approaches and alternative Peyronie’s repair techniques.

Low Testosterone Therapy – what are the true risks? What does the evidence tell us about CV risk? Where does Estrogen and SHBG fit in? We will also feature a cannot miss candid conversation with a former professional bodybuilder as he reveals the realities of steroid abuse.

Above is just a sampling of our upcoming meeting, other topics to look forward to include a state of the art talk on female sexual dysfunction, a debate on the evidence for and against post prostatectomy rehabilitation, effects of testosterone on end organ function, supplements and internet medicines for sexual dysfunction, becoming a better educator in sexual medicine, and much, much more.

I look forward to seeing you in Miami!

Tobias S. Köhler, MD, MPH, FACS
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

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