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Welcome to the 18th Annual Fall Meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA). This year’s meeting will offer several innovative sessions to educate providers of all levels of experience, from the newest practitioner in sexual medicine to the most advanced academician.

Specifically, this year’s meeting will include several notable inclusions:

  • Saturday Men’s Health Symposium
    This session is specifically designed to address the needs of providers who are new and interested in Men’s Health. The lectures will be structured to be interactive, algorithm-based, and practical in nature. All topics will be relevant to establishing a Men’s Health Practice, from managing erectile dysfunction with pills and injections, to performing penile ultrasounds, to treating testosterone deficiency, and more. Participants who are interested in this may elect to only sign up for the Saturday Symposium so as to have a minimal impact on their clinical practices. Sessions will also provide CME.
  • Literature Summaries
    At the beginning of each session, a literature update will be given of the most important publications from 2016-2017. As many providers do not have time to keep up on all publications, this “CliffsNotes” version of the literature will provide a rapid update for sexual medicine providers.
  • Consolidated Topics
    As some providers are only interested in one aspect of sexual medicine, content will be consolidated into shared sessions. If you’re most interested in male sexual medicine surgical topics, Saturday would be your most important day: morning with surgery plenary and ED surgery, afternoon with PD surgery. Each session will also highlight the best abstracts submitted on that particular topic.
  • Non-overlapping Topic Pathways
    As many providers will practice a specific subset of sexual medicine, the sessions have been organized to limit the amount of topic overlaps. For example, a provider who is interested in female sexual medicine will have all relevant topics scheduled for different times: poster session Thursday afternoon, non-surgical session Friday, surgical session Saturday. Similarly, providers treating erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and Peyronie’s disease will not have to decide which sessions they will have to forego, but will be able to attend all relevant sessions.
  • Hot Topics
    Sexual medicine has seen an influx in topics such as platelet rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, fat injections, and shock wave therapy. A session has been organized specifically to address these topics, including the current state of the science and regulatory considerations.
  • Practicality and Interactivity
    All speakers are instructed to focus their presentations on practical recommendations and audience interactivity. It is our hope that in so doing, the sessions will be more enjoyable and will address needs specific to individual practices.

In addition to the above, the 18th SMSNA meeting will feature lectures by the world’s most recognized experts in sexual medicine, international symposia, didactics and cadaver labs, and the most advanced scientific research in sexual medicine. Whether basic science, female sexual medicine, mental health, endocrinology, male sexual medicine, LGBT, or surgery, there is something for everyone. So, come join with us in the culturally-endowed city of San Antonio for a geographically beautiful, socially enjoyable, scientifically rich, and practice changing educational experience.

Landon W. Trost, MD
SMSNA Meeting Committee Chair

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