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Another Option in Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Geoffrey N. Sklar, MD, FACS

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Lincoln in Dali visionEstrogens and their receptors in the male: Brains, bones, and balls.
Stephen Winters, MD

The aging male pituitary gonadal axis: Planned obsolescence.
Johannes Veldhuis, MD

The use of SERMS in the treatment of male secondary hypogonadism: When the factories can still put out. 
Wayne Hellstrom, MD

Program Chairman: Andrew McCullough, MD

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Repros Therapeutics.

Lincoln in Dalivision

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Lincoln in Dali vision2Lincoln in Dalivision is an original limited edition lithograph created by Salvador Dalí. It is often considered one of the most counterfeited Dalí lithographs.[1][2] Dalí authentication experts who have noted the counterfeiting issue with this work include Albert Field (The Official Catalog of Graphic Works of Salvador Dalí – authorized by Dalí),[3] Frank Hunter (Dalí Archives – authorized by Dalí),[4] Robert Descharnes (French photographer, long term friend and associate of Salvador Dalí)[5] and Bernard Ewell (Bernard Ewell Art Appraisals, LLC).[6] Lee Catterall comments in his book The Great Dalí Art Fraud & other deceptions, "The painting most commonly reproduced for such fraudulent purposes was Lincoln in Dalivision, 'prints' of which Los Angeles art appraiser Dena Hall testified in the Hawaii trial have become as commonplace as 'pancakes at the pancake house.'"[1][7]

Lincoln in Dalivision was created based on the Dalí painting Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at a distance of 20 meters is transformed into the portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Homage to Rothko). Dalí painted two original versions of this painting spanning from 1974 – 1976, which are similar but not exactly the same. The first resides in the Museum in Figueras, Spain. The second resides in the permanent collection of The Salvador Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg, Florida.[8] This painting is the basis for the Lincoln in Dalivision lithograph. Prior to the acquisition by The Salvador Dalí Museum, the painting resided in Japan.[3]


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Dear Colleagues,

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America would like to ask your attention for an initiative to send a letter to the Editor of JAMA recommending retraction of the article published in JAMA by Vigen et al entitled “Association of testosterone therapy with mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in men with low testosterone levels”. JAMA 2013;310: 1829–36.

The SMSNA has decided to support this initiative. As having as many individual signers as possible will be of great benefit, we kindly request you to consider supporting the letter to the Editor of JAMA recommending retraction.

Please find attached related documents regarding this initiative:

  1. A letter to the Editor of JAMA recommending retraction of the article published in JAMA by Vigen et al entitled “Association of testosterone therapy with mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in men with low testosterone levels” . JAMA 2013;310: 1829–36.
  2. Letters to the JAMA Editor criticizing the study and pointing out flaws.
  3. An editorial written to in response to this article and published recently.
  4. The corrections by the Authors of the JAMA article, which makes this study’s results very unreliable and warrant retraction.

If you agree with the letter to the Editor of JAMA recommending retraction and you are comfortable signing it, please send an email to:

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler
His email is

In your email please include the following text
"Please add my name to list of co-signers."

In addition please include

  1. Your name
  2. City
  3. Country
  4. Academic affiliation if available.

If, however, you feel uncomfortable signing this letter, please disregard this message.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Burnett, SMSNA President

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