Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

17th Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA

November 3-6, 2016
The Phoenician, Scottsdale, AZ

Formerly known as: 2016 Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of SMSNA


Steven Wilson
Dr. Steven K. Wilson is perhaps the most recognizable and influential practitioner of prosthetic urology alive today. He has authored or co-authored hundreds of peer reviewed articles, and has directly trained surgeons throughout the world. Dr. Wilson will demonstrate and teach his scrotal approach to placement of the Coloplast Titan inflatable penile prosthesis.



Dean KnollDr. Dean Knoll trained under and then practiced with Dr. William Furlow; he continues to practice in Nashville, TN. As one of the original urologists participating in the U.S. clinical trials for the AdVance Transobturator male sling, Dr. Knoll has a unique perspective regarding male slings, and he will teach the cadaver station for the AdVance sling. Further, he will give a presentation on the history of prosthetic urology.



Karl MontagueDr. Karl Montague, an attending at the Cleveland Clinic, has contributed to prosthetic urology by training a long list of urology residents and fellows, by contributing to our fund of knowledge as author/co-author, and by taking leadership roles in the SMSNA. His surgical skill and sense of humor are legendary. Dr. Montague will guide course attendees through the implantation of the Boston Scientific/AMS inflatable penile prosthesis utilizing a scrotal incision.



Paul PeritoDr. Paul Perito has contributed to the resurgence of the infrapubic approach to placement of an inflatable penile prosthesis probably more than any other surgeon. Operating and teaching in Coral Gables, FL, he has developed a particularly efficient infrapubic technique and will teach Masters Course attendees the steps and nuances of his surgery when placing the Titan prosthesis.



Wayne HellstromDr. Wayne Hellstrom teaches at Tulane University. Within prosthetic urology, Dr. Hellstrom is widely acknowledged as an expert on the pathophysiology and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease. He will discuss and demonstrate the techniques of incision and grafting of the plaque of Peyronie’s disease and penile plication to correct curve.




Allen MoreyDr. Allen Morey (UT, Southwestern) will take course attendees through the often intimidating placement of the Artificial Urinary Sphincter. With detailed explanation and demonstration, Dr. Morey’s participation in the Masters Course will enhance your understanding and confidence.





Doug MilamResidents in Urology at Vanderbilt University have the opportunity to learn from Dr. Doug Milam. Dr. Milam’s ability to communicate to learners will be a strong asset as he teaches his infrapubic surgical approach when placing the AMS 700 inflatable penile prosthesis. Dr. Milam’s thoughts as to why the infrapubic incision offers benefits and how to maximize these benefits will be addressed as part of his cadaver demonstration.




Eugene RheeThe Virtue Quad Arm male sling seeks to combine compression with urethral repositioning.  Dr. Eugene Rhee has extensive experience in the treatment of persistent post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence and especially with placing the Virtue sling.  Dr. Rhee will demonstrate his Virtue technique, and he will offer extensive commentary as he does so.



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