Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

23rd Annual Scientific Program (AUA 2016)

May 7, 2016
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Formerly known as: 2016 Annual Scientific Program

Message of the Scientific Chair

The Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) will have its 23rd annual meeting on May 7, 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center during the AUA annual meeting in San Diego, California. The scientific program committee of the SMSNA has prepared a very exciting program covering cutting edge progress in sexual medicine and men’s health. Speakers and moderators were selected to represent the best clinicians and scientists in the field.

The meeting will begin with key recommendations from the 4th International Consultation for Sexual Medicine (ICSM). Sexual medicine has changed significantly since the 3rd consultation 5 years ago. Dr. Gerald Brock, the 4th ICSM chair, will address key recommendations for male sexual function and Dr. Sharon Parish, the vice chair, will address key recommendations for female sexual function. The 4th ICSM was sponsored by the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM), the leading society in sexual medicine and men’s health in the world. The ISSM World Meeting will be held in Beijing in September, 2016. We will take this opportunity to hear from the ISSM president, Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, and the local organizing committee chair, Dr. Hui Jiang, about the theme and preparation for the upcoming world meeting on sexual medicine.

We will then have a session to discuss sexual function and urinary continence after radical prostatectomy, a commonly used modality for localized prostate cancer. It is well known that radical prostatectomy is associated with significant quality of life issues. However, the actual occurrences of sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence are not well established, even in the robotic era. Physicians may also have barriers addressing the psychological impact of post prostatectomy sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. This topic will be immediately followed by a debate on penile rehabilitation. The concept of penile rehabilitation has been introduced into clinical practice for more than 15 years after radical prostatectomy. Recently, this concept is extended to any pelvic oncological surgery including, but not limited to surgeries for colon, bladder and pelvic bone malignancies. However, the benefits of penile rehabilitation are still controversial.

Next, we will have a Peyronie’s disease session (PD). PD has been a common encounter in urology practice and penile curvature is the hallmark. However, the non-sexual consequences of PD can be significant. Surgical management of PD is still the gold standard treatment. However, patient selection and decision of which surgical technique to use are not always easy, particularly for complex deformity. Many patients are not satisfied with the outcome, particularly penile size after surgery. Experts will discuss emerging technique with size restoration. Any new surgical technique requires adequate follow up and being able to be replicated by other surgeons to demonstrate the benefits and risks.

Once again, we will have the annual Ira D. Sharlip lecture. This lectureship is designed to address the gap regarding how sexual medicine interfaces with American and/or international politics, economics, business, government, religion or other non-medical aspects of American life. There is little information regarding how sexual medicine interfaces with non-urological aspects in the world of medicine. The 3rd Ira D. Sharlip lecture will discuss legislation issues for prosthetic restoration of erectile function and urinary continence.

American soldiers in the battle field daily face dangers to protect our country and world peace. However, many practitioners have little knowledge about Genitourinary (GU) battlefield Injuries. GU injuries not only can affect a person’s sexual function, they may also have a significant psychological impact to personal and social life. There is a great need for better understanding the personal experience of our wounded warriors so their needs can be effectively met. We are honored that SGT Aaron Causey and his spouse will share their story with us at our meeting.

Our knowledge is changing about the relationship of androgen, BPH, prostate and the medications that block androgen. Great controversy exists in managing hypogonadism. SMSNA organized a colloquium in this topic and the update will be provided to our audiences at the meeting.

Penile prosthesis is always a popular topic during our annual meeting. Penile prosthesis surgery has the greatest documented patient satisfaction rate of available ED treatments and has high partner satisfaction rates. However, ED with PD are unique conditions for penile implantation. Appropriate selection of implant types is not always easy. Unsatisfactory penile size with residual penile curvature or deformity after penile implant is the major clinical challenge in prosthetic surgery. At the 23rd SMSNA annual meeting, a panel discussion will address these issues.

Chronic genital pain is a very common disorder in the field of sexual medicine. There is still a paucity of understanding chronic genital pain, particularly the condition related to sexual activity, such as post orgasm pain syndrome. Chronic genital pain is also difficult to treat in many cases. We specifically designed a session to decipher chronic genital pain and its management.

The meeting will end with a Transgender surgery session. Gender reassignment is not a commonly performed surgery. There is a lack of knowledge regarding how to prepare the patients for surgery and how to managing the complications. There is limited information regarding sexual function in transgender people. Therefore, there is a need for physicians who practice sexual medicine to understand how the gender reassignment surgery is performed, what complications may occur and how to deal with their sexual function needs.

Sexual Medicine is an evolving field that requires consistent review of diagnostic and treatment strategies. Moreover, sexual medicine clinicians need up‐to‐date reviews of topics that affect the care of their patients. SMSNA annual meeting is aimed to promote the highest standards of care in sexual medicine and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the latest research in the field of sexual medicine. We welcome urologists, primary care physicians, psychologists, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, sex counselors, OB/GYNs, other clinicians and scientists studying and treating patients with sexual health issues from all over the world to attend our meeting.

Run Wang, MD, FACS,
SMSNA President-Elect and Scientific Meeting Chair


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