Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

26th Annual Scientific Program (AUA 2019)

May 3, 2019
Chicago, IL

Welcome Message

The 26th Annual Meeting of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) at the AUA will take place on Friday, May 3, 2019, at the McCormick Place Convention Center South Building, room S103, in Chicago from 7 am to 5 pm. Leading experts in the field will bring to the delegates the latest in Sexual Medicine for the benefit of patients suffering from sexual dysfunction.

The program will start with a session on medical and hormonal therapy moderated by Drs. Nelson Bennett, SMSNA treasurer, Kelly Chiles and Hui Jiang. Dr. William Conners will deliver a lecture on the choices available for the patient with hypogonadism that wants other options than testosterone. He will be followed by Dr. Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad, SMSNA president, who will speak about the growth hormone: Is it the Fountain of Youth? Dr. Faysal Yafi will speak about hypogonadism in the cancer survivor and Dr. Mohit Khera, SMSNA Secretary, will address the use of testosterone replacement therapy in erectile dysfunction patients.

Drs. Laurence Levine, Stanley Althof, and Michael Perelman will moderate the next session on ejaculatory dysfunction. Dr. Alexander Pastuszak will review the ejaculatory process. Dr. Alan Shindel will review the treatment option for premature ejaculation and Dr. Stacy Elliott provide a review of male anorgasmia and delayed ejaculation.

The State of the Art lectures will be moderated by Drs. Lawrence Hakim, Ira Sharlip, both SMSNA past presidents, and Luiz Otavio Torres, ISSM president and start with a talk by Gerald Brock, ISSM secretary general, on the 20 years of PDE5i. Next Dr. Arthur Burnett, SMSNA past-president and ISSM treasurer, will present his talk: “Priapism: How to Optimize the Preservation of the Erection.” Dr. Gregory Broderick, SMSNA past-president, will deliver a talk on what’s the next best option when PDE5i failed. Finally, Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, SMSNA and ISSM past-president will close this session with his talk: Peyronie’s Disease: How Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum has changed the treatment.

Next, we will follow with a session on the neurology of erectile dysfunction moderated by Drs. Gregory Broderick, Jason Jameson, and Melissa Farmer. Dr. Trinity Bivalacqua, 2019 gold cystoscope awardee, will present the neuroanatomy of the penis and its relevance to sexual dysfunction. Dr. Irwin Goldstein will speak on the assessment of the patient with numbness or complaining of lack of penile sensation. Arthur Burnett will review the central neuropharmacologic regulation of erection, sexual interest and responses in both genders. A panel discussion will follow their talks.

Dr. Tom Lue, past SMSNA president and renown world expect, will deliver the Annual Ira Sharlip Lecture moderated by myself and Ronald Lewis, past president of the SMSNA: “A Non-invasive Stem Cell Therapy: From Bench to Bedside.”

In the last session before the lunch, Controversies in Sexual Medicine, moderated by Drs. Ramasamy, Jenkins and Tsambarlis, Dr. John Mulhall, Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and SMSNA past-president will deliver a talk on low intensity shock wave therapy: Am I wrong if I do not offer Shock Wave Therapy to my ED Patient? Dr. Andrew McCullough will close the morning taking about restorative therapy: Am I wrong if I do not offer PRP or Stem Cell Therapy to my ED Patient?

The afternoon will feature 2 sessions that will address the quest for the perfect genitalia in both gender. Drs. Alan Shindel, Rachel Rubin and Cigdem Tanrikut will moderate the session on the quest of the perfect penis. I will present a review of the literature on the normality of the length of the penis around the world. Dr. Rafael Carrion will follow with his talk: Doc, can you make my Penis Better? Finally, Dr. Run Wang will speak on how to improve the length of the penis during penile implant surgery.

The basic science segment of the program moderated by Drs. Kelvin Davies and Johanna Hannan includes a talk by Dr. Alexander Pastuszak on the science behind shock wave therapy as well as a lecture by Stéphane Bolduc on penile tissue engineering.

The female sexual dysfunction (FSD) session, moderated by Drs. Daniela Wittmann and Annamaria Giraldi will address the quest for the perfect genitalia and women self-image.  This session features talks Women Genital Self-image? by Dr. Vanessa Schick, a talk on laser treatments for the vagina, on genital surgery by Dr. Michael Krychman and on pharmacological treatment by Dr. Ashley Tapscott.

Finally, the innovations in surgical technique session will certainly be another highlight of the day. This session planned by our Surgical Committee will be moderated by 2 SMSNA past-presidents, Drs. Lawrence Hakim and John Mulcahy. This session will feature presentation by Dr. Steven Wilson (how to optimized IPP reservoir placement and tips for its removal), Dr. Landon Trost (New Hypermobile Glans Correction Technique and Other Office Andrology Procedures), Dr. Georgios Hatzichristodoulou (Tachosil Grafting With and Without IPP: Technique & Long Term Outcomes), Dr. Anand Shridharani (emerging surgical management of climacturia and mild stress urinary incontinence at the time of IPP), Dr. Oliver Markovsky (Technique for Prosthesis Implantation in a Transgender Population), Brian Christine (Technical Innovations and Insights in Incontinence), Dr. Tobias Köhler (BPH Strategies for Sexually Active Men: Steam, Staple or Aqua-ablate?) and Dr. Andrew Goldstein (Overview and Tips and Tricks for FSD Surgery).

The SMSNA 26th Annual Meeting at the AUA presents an attractive scientific program for all the AUA delegates. SMSNA, providing a forum for the free exchange and discussion of new ideas, thoughts and concepts in this field, strives to promote the highest standards of practice, research, education, and ethics in the study of all aspects of human sexual function and dysfunction. We encourage all practitioners with an interest in sexual medicine to attend this very exciting meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago.


Serge Carrier, MD

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