Abstract Prize Winners

21st Annual Fall Scientific Meeting

Best Abstract Clinical

An Evaluation of Penile Implant Biofilms using Next Generation DNA Sequencing: Is there a difference in Diabetic Patients?
Chung, PH1Mann, E1; Leong, JY1; Henry, GD2
1: Jefferson; 2: Ark-La-Tex Urology

Pathology Staining for Mast Cells and Nerves on Vestibular Tissue from Patients Suspected of Having Neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia (NPV): A Case Series
Uloko, M1; Yih, J1; Goldstein, A2; Goldstein, I3
1: San Diego Sexual Medicine; 2: UCLA; 3: Alvarado Hospital/San Diego Sexual Medicine

Sexual Functional Outcomes of Primary Focal Versus Whole Gland Cryotherapy of the Prostate: Propensity Score Comparative Matching
Muncey, W1; Elshafei, A1; Gupta, K1; Omil-Lima, D1; Thirumavalavan, N1; Loeb, A1
1: University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Long-term Success with Diminished Opioid Prescribing After Men's Health Urologic Procedures Using Standardized Postoperative Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis
Findlay, B1; Britton, C1; Glasgow, A1; Gettman, M1; Tyson, M1; Pak, R1; Viers, B1; Habermann, E1; Ziegelmann, M1
1: Mayo Clinic

STOMP: Sexual function Trial of Overactive bladder: Medication versus PTNS
Polland, A1; Hamner, J2; Arunachalam, D3; Dwarica, D4; Gupta, A5; Pennycuff, J6; Tran, A7; Tefera, E8; Meriwether, K5; Gutman, R6
1: Maimonides Medical Center; 2: Indiana University School of Medicine; 3: Kaiser Permanente; 4: University of Missouri School of Medicine; 5: University of Louisville; 6: MedStar Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University; 7: Mount Sinai Hospital; 8: MedStar Health Research Institute

Best Abstract  Basic Science

Intracavernosal Injections of Stromal Derived Factor-1 (SDF1) Prevents Erectile Dysfunction in Nerve Injury Model by Increasing Stem Cell Upregulation in the Penis
Liu, J1; Sopko, N1; Matsui, H1; Liu, X1; Bivalacqua, T1
1: The James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute

TSPO Ligand FGIN-1-27 Controls Priapism in Sickle Cell Mice via Endogenous Testosterone Production
Musicki, B1; Karakus, S1; La Favor, JD2; Chen, H3; Silva, FH1; Sturny, M1; Zirkin, BR3; Burnett, AL1
1: The Brady Urological Institute at Johns Hopkins; 2: Florida State University; 3: Johns Hopkins University

Non-contrast MRI Visualization of Penile Vessels Anatomy
Pyatnitskiy, I1; Ivanov, S2; Ovchinnikov, R1; Mitrokhin, V3; Marishin, R4; Ivanov, S1; Krasnov, A1; Matvienko, Y1; Aleksandrov, B1
1: Rostagroexport Ltd.; 2: National Hospital Center of “Russian Railways” JSC; 3: Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University; 4: Moscow State University

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Elevate Oxidative Stress and Accelerate Fibrosis Within the Mouse Corpora Cavernosa.
Nguyen, S1; Harb, A1; Luna, R1; Arriaga, K1; Marshall, J1; Abraham, A1; Shao, M2; Kovenacz, I3; Ferrini, M1
1: Charles Drew University; 2: UCLA; 3: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and The Lundquist Institute at Harbor-UCLA

Do Antifungals and Local Anesthetic Affect the Efficacy of Antibiotic Dipping Solution? A Detailed Investigation of the Practice Across Multiple Species
Mishra, K1; Bukavina, L1; Long, L1; Sherif, R1; Ray III, A1; Fernstrum, A2; Thirumavalavan, N1; Gupta, S1; Ghannoum, M1; Loeb, A1
1: University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve University; 2: University Hospitals/Case Western Reserve Univeristy

Residents Arena

Penile Extra-Tunical Graft For Reconstruction Of Peyronie's Disease Concavity Deformities
VanDyke, M1; Joice, G1; Baumgarten, A1; Dropkin, B1; Ortiz, N1; Ward, E1; Morey, A1
1: UT Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Urology

Does Knowing Pre-operative Penile Length Influence Patient Satisfaction Post Penile Prosthesis Surgery
Palasi, S1; Howell, S1; Green, T1; Kannady, C1; Slaughter, K1; Wang, R1; Yang, B1
1: University of Texas McGovern School of Medicine Houston

Erectile Function Following Prostate Artery Embolization in Patients with Larger Prostate Glands: A Large Single Center Experience
Bhatia, S1; Kumar, J1; Acharya, V1; Jalaeian, H1; Bryant, E1; Harward, S2; Sinha, V3; Kably, I1; Kava, B1
1: University of Miami; 2: University of Massachusetts School of Medicine; 3: Weill Cornell Department of Radiology

MAP Sexual Tipping Point Mental Health Award

Should Men Presenting with Depression Be Screened For Low Testosterone?
Gray, M1; Congleton, JY1; Smith, J1; Smith, R1
1: University of Virginia

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