Petar Bajic

Cleveland, OH Member of the Month: August 2023
Petar Bajic

What inspired you to work in sexual medicine?

During my residency, we frequently engaged in major cancer surgeries where the primary emphasis was on extending the patient's lifespan. However, I soon realized that for many, the quality of life was equally paramount. This realization drew me towards urology subspecialties emphasizing life quality. Sexual medicine emerged as an initial interest within the context of cancer survivorship, and it expanded from there.

What is something most people don’t know about you? 

I'm a proud first-generation American, and the first in my family to go to college. My parents came from humble beginnings in the former Yugoslavia and followed the American dream to build a great life in the US. Serbian was my first language, and my heritage played a significant role in shaping my identity. On a related note to my career in andrology and urology, my existence is a testament to medical perseverance: after years of grappling with infertility, my parents successfully conceived me with the aid of Clomid.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

"Fish grow to the size of their tank." When I was just starting out in academic urology, this little quote made me think big. I was lucky enough for the opportunity to join the Cleveland Clinic and have done whatever I can to get involved with the SMSNA, all to make as broad of an impact as possible. It's all about finding the right "tank" to grow in!

What would your ideal vacation be?

My wife and I are foodies, and love tasting all the unique and wonderful cuisines around the world. Unfortunately, our trip-of-a-lifetime to Japan got canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I'd say my ideal vacation would be a culinary tour of Tokyo!

Cleveland, OH
Member of the Month: August 2023

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