Congratulations to our 2019 Best Abstract Winners

Best Abstract Clinical

Two-Arm, Prospective, Open-Label, Pilot Study of Flibanserin versus Flibanserin and Sex Therapy in Pre- and Postmenopausal Women with HSDD

Goldstein, S1; Hartzell-Cushanick, R1; Riley, C1; Kim, N2; Goldstein, I3

1: San Diego Sexual Medicine; 2: Institute for Sexual Medcine; 3: Alvarado Hospital

Microbiome of the Primary Penile Implant: A Comparison Pilot Study with Worrisome Results at the Pump Space

Henry, G1; Jani, K2; Kramer, A3

1: Ark La Tex Urology; 2: Ark La Tex Urology; 3: Chesapeake Urology

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands: Men Seeking Pornography Addiction Advice From a Nontraditional Online Therapy Source

Vanmali, B1; Osadchiy, V2; Shahinyan, R2; Mills, J2; Eleswarapu, S2

1: George Washington University; 2: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Evaluation of Bothersome/Distressing Penile Numbness with Orgasmic Dysfunction: Role of Neuro-Genital Testing to Localize the Site of Neurologic Pathology

Goldstein, I1; Goldstein, S2; Kim, C3; Blevins, J3; Komisaruk, B4

1: Alvarado Hospital; 2: San Diego Sexual Medicine; 3: Spine Institute of San Diego; 4: Rutgers University

Penile Prosthesis Insertion in the Era of Antibiotic Stewardship: Are Postoperative Antibiotics Necessary?

Dropkin, B1; Chisholm, L2; Dallmer, J2; Johnsen, N1; Milam, D1; Kaufman, M1

1: Vanderbilt University Medical Center; 2: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Best Abstract Basic Science

Optimization of Sonic Hedgehog Delivery to the Penis from Self-assembling Nanofiber Hydrogels to Preserve Penile Morphology after Cavernous Nerve Injury

Choe, S1; Kalmanek, E1; Harrington, D2; Stupp, S3; McVary, K4; Podlasek, C1

1: University of Illinois at Chicago; 2: UT Houston; 3: Northwestern University; 4: Loyola University

Towards MRI-based Mapping and 3D Visualization of Erectile Nerves

Kharlamov, E1; Mitrokhin, V2; Pyatnitskiy, I3; Vorontsov, O4; Aleksandrov, B5; Droupy, S6

1: University of Oslo; 2: Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Fundamental and Applied Physiology; 3: Research and Practical Centre of Medical Radiology, Department of Radiology Quality Improvement; 4: Siemens Healthineers Russia (freelance specialist); 5: Rostagroeport ltd, Research; 6: 1-CHU de Nîmes, Urology Andrology

Increased Level of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNFA) Leads to Downregulation of Nitrergic Neurons Following Bilateral Cavernous Nerve Injury and TNFA Inhibition Can Enhance Penile Smooth Muscle Relaxation by Upregulating Expression of Nitrergic Neurons

Matsui, H1; Sopko, NA2; Campbell, JD2; Liu, X2; Weyne, E3; Albersen, M3; Hannan, JL4; Bivalacqua, TJ2

1: University of Tokyo; 2: James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; 3: Department of Urology, KU Leuven; 4: Department of Physiology, The Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University

COMP-4 Reduces Oxidative Stress Markers in the Rat Corpora Cavernosa and Media of the Penile Dorsal Artery

Nguyen, S1; Arriaga Castellanos, K1; Abraham, A1; Rajfer, J2; Ferrini, M3

1: Charles Drew University; 2: University of California, Los Angeles; 3: Charles Drew University

MAP Sexual Tipping Point Award

Head and Neck Cancer Survivors' Perceptions of Self-report Measures Used to Assess Sexuality

Rhoten, B1; Davis, A1

1: Vanderbilt University

Essay Prizes

Prevalence of and risk factors for Climacturia in patients with history of definitive therapy for prostate cancer

Masaya Jimbo, MD, PhD

Ex vivo radiation leads to opposing growth in whole ganglia vs dissociated cultured pelvic neurons: A comparison of two cell culture methods

Joshua Randolph

Case Report in Sexual Health How early in life do transgender adults begin to experience gender dysphoria?: Why this matters for providers and our healthcare system

Michael Zaliznyak

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