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SMSNA Webinar Series: How to Optimize Sexual Outcomes Post-Prostatectomy
Tuesday, October 17, 2023
Martin Gross, MD
Martin Gross, MDModerator
Assistant Professor at
Dartmouth Health
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Faysal Yafi, MD, FRCSC
Faysal Yafi, MD, FRCSCModerator
Associate Professor, Director of Men's Health at
University of California Irvine
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Petar Bajic, MD
Petar Bajic, MDPresenter
Urologist at Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute
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Sevann Helo, MD
Sevann Helo, MDPresenter
Assistant Professor at
Mayo Clinic
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Landon Trost, MD
Landon Trost, MDPresenter
Urologist at
Male Fertility and Peyronie's Clinic
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Matt Ziegelmann, MD
Matt Ziegelmann, MDPresenter
Urologist at
Mayo Clinic Rochester
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